How to Make a Garden to Honor Your Loved One

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What Is a Memorial Garden?

A memorial garden is a burst of beauty that remembers a special individual who has left our worldly planet. Our memories are frozen minutes in time that we remain to hang onto. Regretfully, we find out that is all we have left, when we lose someone we like and miss.

We discover we not only wish to remember that liked one, however we look for a method to honor them, by discovering a beauty that will represent the light their life gave this earth.

My really own child, my first born child young boy, motivated my first memory garden.

Our Very first Memorial, on the Site Where My Son Was Murdered.
In the beginning, as lots of people do, I designed a memorial of flowers, on a telephone pole near where my child was killed. It is a memorial of flowers and an American flag– due to the fact that my kid was a decorated veteran– and a teddy bear.

That area was not understood for security, nevertheless, so I chose I wanted something I might visit, something closer to me. I required something I could see that would remind me of the beauty his shortened life purchased to this world.

This is the memorial on a telephone pole near where Richard L. Jacobs Jr. drew his last breath.-.
How We Assembled Our Memorial Garden.
We chose to develop our memory garden in our front yard. After a great deal of thought and soul browsing, we found this is simply the location it was meant to be. We might go to the garden here and reflect, and also look after it so that it constantly stayed as stunning as my boy was.

It turned out to be the perfect location. The flowers and solar lights would show the gorgeous sweet soul of our boy, for all to see as they drove down our street and passed the house our son lived in for a lot of years.

My other half created the construction of the garden, with cautious idea and deep feeling. We promised to have a gorgeous garden for all seasons. We carefully selected the plants and arranged them for each season.

We likewise became more innovative as the seasons passed, by adding more accents, as our hearts and tears remembered how part of us likewise left that eventful day my child left this earth. Part of our souls were now in this gorgeous garden.

The check in front of the garden checks out: In Loving Memory of Richard L Jacobs Jr. who lost his life to murder on March 27, 2015.

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Our Fall Garden.

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Our Summer season Garden.

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Our Spring Garden.

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Our Winter Garden.

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Accents With Idea and Love.

It appeared to be an easy experience to keep our memory garden full and stunning– due to the fact that it was truly a part of us.

The mushroom you see holding up in the image was actually streaming with water, as it was a water fountain. There are solar lights around the garden that illuminate at night. Some are of angels that see diligently over this gorgeous garden and the stunning soul it is monitoring. We have windmills on either side, one of a boat and one of a bike.

Whatever selected seemed to have an unique significance, for us or for our son or in most cases both. For winter, we chose to use lights, as Rick loved to decorate with lights. He liked Snoopy and Tweety, and the angel, which is gold, to us represented his guardian angel.

This short article is dedicated to the memory of my beloved son, Richard L. Jacobs Jr. who lost his life to senseless violence and shooting on March 27, 2015. He is forever loved and missed and certainly will never be forgotten. We carry you in our heart, my sunshine, and we still miss you every day.


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